Shocking Big Mistakes In the Trailer of RAEES

Hey, did you watch Bollywood king “Shahrukh Khan” new movie trailer. How is it???

Here we are sharing with you BIG Mistakes in the Trailer Of movie. Shahrukh Khan’s Fans became crazy seeing this trailer.

Good news for everyone is that the movie has been prepared and now, it will release on the 25th of January, instead of the 26th.

Did you notice 02 big mistakes in it? We are sure you didn’t; would you like to guess it once? Difficult? Let me explain now….

Mistake number one: The Poster of the movie is matched with Leonardo Dicaprio picture.

Mistake number two: Raees is based on a true story dated back to 1980’s & is set in Gujarat. It revolves around bootlegger Raees Aalam, who is challenged and thwarted by ACP Majumdar.

The liquor brand shown in the movie is “Royal Stag”, which was launched in 1995.So, wasn’t it illogical to use this brand in a story which is set in 1980’s? It looks the makers of the movie lacked proper research.

Did you come across any other mistake in the trailer? Please share with us.

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